The very critical and very real Patriotic fight to expose and depose

The U.S. Military Industrial Complex empire's

A lying, deceitful, biggoted, soul-dead, war-mongering, self serving, litteral Fourth Reich ... dismantling our democracy, Justice, Civil Rights, Liberty, Vote and government
with remarkable speed and success; Particularly our ability to fight them.

A Fourth Reich aspiring full speed ahead to contrtol The New World Order;
A Fascist global empire of syndicates fully intent upon
seizing the planet's most valuable and rapidly dwindling resources,
...particularly a grand stake in the heroin and oil of the Middle East;
At any cost of ANYONE ELSE'S life, Liberty, limb and property...
...even Citizens of the United States of America,
who are little more than expendable peasant labor pawns, tax burdons and cannon fodder,
as far as the MIC Fourth Reich is concerned.

--- SAY HELL NO ---


into the sordid world of the MIC Empire's fourth reich.